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Producers can contact the office for assistance in finding solutions to production problems. The office has many calls daily. Factsheets and information packages are available on a variety of topics. A database is maintained to provide information about the size and scope of the industry. 

Saskatchewan Sheep Opportunity

Saskatchewan Sheep Industry Promotional video. >>view!

Abortion Fact Sheets: Abortion Summary

   Non Infectious 
   Q Fever 


Biosecurity Fact Sheet & Checklist
                     Biosecurity On-line Course

Building Better Lambs
  1: Using Terminal Sires
  2: Selecting Terminal Sires
  3. How to Use Performance Records to Select Terminal Sires
  4. Managing Rams for Superior Performance

CAP Virtual Presentations - 16 videos - various titles

Predation Management Fact Sheet

Pregnancy Scanning

Premise Identification

Production Limiting Diseases - Johne's ; Maedi Visna

RFID Benefits and Traceability

Sheep Minerals Fact Sheet

Sheep Nutrition Fact Sheet

Sheep Quick Facts

Small Ruminant Power Fencing

Saskatchewan Animal Protection Act Information

CFIA-Transport of Livestock in Canada

David Ollila Sheep Coffee Talk: Multispecies Grazing Opportunities| Ag in Motion Discovery Plus

Understanding Sheep Behaviour

C.ovis Information

C.ovis Fact Sheet 2018 Ministry of Agriculture

MCF Information
Informational Document

- Video: Working Together to Reduce the Risk of MCF

- Webinar previously held are video recorded and on the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture website. Please note you will need to login with first and last name as well as your email address. This information is utilized for future program communication.

National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC)

"How Codes are Used" ? this 3 minute video outlines the three roles of farm animal welfare Codes in Canada. Watch the video at:

Video    Johne's Disease in Canadian Sheep Flocks Thumbnail Placeholder

Video: Ovine Progressive Pneumonia in Canadian Sheep Flocks

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Video: Preventing Abortion in Saskatchewan Sheep Flocks

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Video: Biosecurity in Saskatchewan Sheep Flocks

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Audio: Ewe Synchronization Webinar

Audio-Video: Parasite Management with Dr. Wowk

Audio:Video: Artificial Rearing of Lambs

Audio: Producer Testimonials Artifcial rearing of Lambs

Audio-Video: Annual & Perennial Forage Species for Grazing Sheep

Emergency Preparedness Guide

Audio-Video: Tips for Marketing Your Lambs

About SSDB

The board operates under the regulatory structure of the Saskatchewan Agri-Food Council. Five board members elected from the five regions across the province represent the producers of Saskatchewan.

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